Questions and answers about buying Instagram followers and likes

How soon after I pay will I get my Instagram followers and likes?

Right after we process your payment you will start receiving followers and likes on Instagram according to your order.

Is it possible to stretch out the delivery of Instagram followers and likes over a long period of time?

Yes, you can stretch out the delivery over any period of time. For example, if you bought 100k Instagram followers and chose the timeframe for delivery of 20 days, then you will receive 5000 followers each day for a period of 20 days.

Can I purchase 1000 likes and divide them between 5-10 photos?

Yes, you can divide likes on multiple pictures. Buy 1000 Instagram Likes and fill a field "Enter your specifications or request", for example: Divide likes on last 20 pictures.

How can I buy Instagram followers and likes?

It is very simple. You choose a package according to your budget, and then click Buy Now which would take you to the page where you can edit your order. There you provide URL of your profile or a photo, and also choose a preferred timeframe for delivery. After that you make a payment via PayPal, Credit and Debit card Visa, Mastercard. buy 10 000 instagram followers